Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dubai Food Festival brings Beach Canteen to life!

Beach Canteen at Kite Surf Beach

With the Dubai Food Festival, comes more food related events, activities and experiences. The beach canteen is a new concept that is currently running across the 3 open beaches on Jumeirah beach road and I got a chance to check out the Kite Surf Beach Canteen on day 1 of opening.

The concept itself stood out to me because a) I love being outside (especially since we have to appreciate it the most during the cooler months when living in Dubai), b) I love the beach, c) I love trying new experiences and d) sounded like a great setting to have an early evening walk to with my parents.

I must apologize from now as the 'blogger' in me was not prepared to take pictures and hence the quality is smart phone and somewhat shaky. #shameless

Any who, here's a couple of snaps of our experience there...

Several restaurants/cafes temporarily set up pop up versions of their services with a selected menu for the Beach Canteen. Some restaurants featured were Loca, Extreme Shawerma and Seaview restaurant.

Seaview had their daily locally caught fish on display for purchase as well as their offered dishes. Their prices were very affordable as the fish was very fresh!

I wonder who the man looking at the menu is... :)

Intrigued by the idea of a fish shawerma, we decided to grab one and try it out. The hammour fish was very tender and the sandwich was quite yummy. Served with a side of fries for AED10 while listening to the lounge music being played on speaker with the cool breeze and ocean serene sounds - we were quite blissful.

We decided to finish off the night with a couple of rounds of foosball (or baby foot) and let's just say... I did not win at all (thanks Dad). The added complimentary games of foosball, volleyball and ping pong make this place great for families with children and just plain old adults for a little fun!

You should definitely check out at least one of the 3 beach canteens available till March 9th - great place for family, friends, kids with beautiful weather and affordable prices!

Have you been to any of the beach canteens? Share your experiences in the comments!


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  2. It's a great place for oysters, but make sure to make a reservation or the wait could be 1.5 hours. however it is worth the wait.


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