Friday, January 17, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Dull dill dilemma?

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I'm back with a tip I literally picked up today!

One of the things I least enjoy is when beautiful, green herbs and leaves turn yellow too fast before you get to use them.

My mom wanted to make my favorite Persian dill rice with lima bean dish (If you don't know what that is, click on my earlier post here: but the dill we had was going yellow (not good since the green pigment in dill makes the rice turn green, hence green rice). So she decided to put the batch of dill in the freezer 2 days ago. Guess what? Today, she pulled it out of the freezer and it's beautifully, dark green again. I know, it's awesome! little victory dance anyone?

I haven't given this a try with any other herb but definitely worth giving a try to see if it works!

If you've tried this tip with any other herb, let me know below!

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