Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tips & Tricks - Saltier for sweeter?

Photo credit to blog.khymos.org

Did you know that adding salt to your fruit can make it taste sweeter?

I didn't know this until recently and tried it on pineapples and it definitely brought out their flavor!

It's practiced a lot around the world and in many countries, they apply different toppings to their fruits to enhance their sweetness or flavor.

Here are a few examples:
In Mexico - they use lime, salt & chili
In Philippines - they use soy sauce
Taiwan - they use dried prune powder
In several parts of Asia - they place their cut up fruit in a bath of salted water

Next time you have fruit (especially unripe ones), try adding a tiny amount of salt and see what the difference is!

Note: Don't go crazy with the salt as this might end up taking away from the taste of the actual fruit!

Have you guys tried this before? What fruit did it work well with?


  1. Interessant.. I'm definitely a fan of sweet & salty so may give this a go!


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