Friday, November 15, 2013

Take me away to... Spain

I thought it would be interesting to do a tasty travel wish of the month to a place where I haven't been to yet or would love to go back to.
This month, I have my wishes set out on EspaƱa!
Besides the culture, beaches and beautiful colors, here's a couple of dishes my taste buds are lusting after...

Pisto Manchego

Coming from the region of Murcia and La Mancha, Pisto Manchego consists of tomatoes, onions, eggplants or courgettes/zucchinis and red pepper in olive oil. In some parts of Spain, they like to top it with a lightly scrambled egg. I can picture eating this in a cute village sharing it among family and friends. Delish!

Patatas Bravas

This falls under Spanish tapas and is usually served in bars or small restaurants. Fried potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce. There is something similar to this called "Batata Harra" in Lebanese cuisine which has potatoes mixed with garlic, chili, coriander and fried together in olive oil.


Empinadas! Golden pastry stuffed with either beef/chorizo/chicken/veggies. I have a sweet spot in my heart for savory pastries and this fits just perfectly.

Gambas Ajillo

Shrimp, garlic, paprika, olive oil, parsley = yummy tapa!

Seafood Paella

Paellas are like a celebration on a dish. So many flavors, colors and I do very much love the sharing concept of it too. I have tried a couple of paellas and I feel I haven't had the best one yet - probably because I need to go to Spain and have it there!


Always served in a pitcher, Sangria consists of red wine, chopped fresh fruit, a sweetener and either 7 UP/Sprite. Set against a nice beach, cool breeze, good company and you're good to go... :)

Churros with hot chocolate dipping sauce

Finish off my travel dream with a sweet. Churros are often referred to as the Spanish doughnut. It's basically a fried dough pastry sprinkled with sugar and served with a chocolate sauce. These babies are all over Spain from street vendors to restaurants and can be eaten as a breakfast, lunch, dinner or casual snack.

Have you guys been to Spain? What did you eat? Any recommendations?

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