Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rated: La Brioche Cafe

I haven't really heard much of this cafe but I was in the mood for a dessert the other day (#mustsatisfycravings) and remembered this place was nearby on Jumeirah beach road.

I didn't actually know there was valet parking available so we parked in the normal pay parking (will definitely keep that in mind next time).

Upon entering the cafe, we heard a beautiful "Bonjour!" from the staff. Now this might sound cheesy but it felt so refreshing to hear that. I rarely ever hear the traditional greeting or "hello" of a country or cuisine of a restaurant that you visit in Dubai. Regardless of whether or not the staff is from that country, it was a nice touch.

As for the cafe, I loved the openness of food placed everywhere around the restaurant. Walking in, you have a dessert glass closet filled with chocolate goodies and near the purchasing area there is fresh beautiful smelling french bread, croissants, pastries, cakes... pretty much all food candy for your eyes to gaze at. Hence, I had a hard time choosing what to have since my mind escaped and took me to back to the boulangeries (bakeries) in Paris.

After many questions & recommendations from the staff (who are very much helpful and friendly), I opted for the carrot cake with a side of jasmine green tea.

Carrot Cake

The carrot cake was well spiced and had a good carrot flavor. As for the frosting, it wasn't too sweet which I liked. I personally enjoy a carrot cake that has nuts but that was yummy nonetheless. I wish there was more to the presentation though - I wasn't the biggest fan of the sugar carrot on top.

My friend ordered "La Tarte Chaude" which is basically any of the fruit tarts served warm with a scoop of ice cream (flavors included pistachio, strawberry, coffee, chocolate & vanilla to name a few). So one pear tart with coffee ice cream was put to the test!

Pear Tart with Coffee Ice Cream

I tried this one too and the pastry is quite delicious. there were a few pears which was a shame but the flavor was great. The coffee ice cream was good with a good hit of coffee flavor which I love. I like the stacked presentation too.

Total price breakdown below (for 2):
1 x "La Tarte Chaude" = 25
1 x Carrot Cake = 15
1 x Jasmine green tea = 17
1 x Sparkling water = 14
Total (AED) = 71

If I would like to have a quiet breakfast/lunch/tea/dessert/dinner, I would come back here. I really enjoyed the fact that it was not heavily packed since nowadays a lot of places are with the ever-growing Dubai (not complaining but just saying!) So this was a nice french escapade from all of that.

I've rated La Brioche Cafe 4 out of 5!

Have any of you tried La Brioche? What do you think?

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