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Rated: Patty & Bun - London

Sorry for being missing in action for a little bit. I've just come back a couple of days ago from a holiday trip to London to visit family. 

I decided to do a quick little review of the well-known gourmet burger joint in central London, Patty & Bun. I have a really good feeling that if anyone who's lived, been or just knows London pretty well, that they've heard or tried this place out. 

On my first night in London, my cousin Dalia told me that she would take me to her favorite burger place and off we went... (with my review hat on!).

Situated in St. Christopher's place, pretty much a little area intersecting Oxford street that's packed with restaurants, we arrived to a line outside the restaurant with about 8 people already queued up (First impression, how long do we need to wait in the freezing cold?! ... however, if everyone else is doing it, may well be worth it?). 

So we hurried in line and the wait started. Minutes into our arrival, more and more people came and stood behind us to wait in line. The great part is that they had posted their menu on the wall outside where customers waited. Everyone in line, and I mean everyone, was only talking about what burger they wanted, which one was their favorite, what they tried last time, etc, etc, etc. The whole wait was a great big conversation about the burgers in this place. I was definitely excited and joined in on it.
Their menu is small (but to the point) and also caters to different varieties, from classic beef burgers, to chicken to lamb and even vegetarian. We pretty much had our minds made up during that 30 minute wait.

Once we got in, I noticed why there was a line to begin with because the actual space seats up to 30 pax but that's what made the experience even cosier. It was small, vibrant, energetic with mixed music from oldies to current singles and the vibes were definitely right. 

Photo credit to Patty & Bun Website

A group of three, we opted for 2 "ARI GOLD" cheeseburgers, 1 "Lambshank Redemption" burger with 2 sides of fries with rosemary salt and 1 "Winger Winger Chicken Dinner" chicken wings to start.

Dinner order at P&B

We started off with the chicken wings which were smoked confit wings with BBQ sauce and green onions.

"Winger Winger Chicken Dinner" Chicken wings

I am not the biggest fan of chicken wings, but these wings were the juiciest, tastiest and sauciest wings I've ever tried. The topping of green onions just added that extra freshness and crunch which made it all the more worthwhile. Finger lickin' good.

On to the burger, usually I go for a classic cheesburger whenever I try a new burger place out because if a place can't get a classic cheese burger right, then why are they a burger place?

So I got the "ARI GOLD" cheeseburger which consisted of a beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup, homemade smokey mayo and a brioche bun.

"ARI GOLD" Cheeseburger

Definitely a high quality beef burger. The meat was so tender and juicy (cooked medium and I'm usually a medium well but that's how it's done at P&B so I went for it!) The sauce was smokey yet tangy and the vegetables were fresh and crisp. Only downside was it was little bit of a mess to eat but I'd rather have a yummy burger with a mess than holding back on the yummy, you know what I mean?

Total price breakdown below (for 3):
1 x "Winger Winger Chicken Dinner" chicken wings = £5.50
2 x "ARI GOLD" Cheeseburger = £7.50 x 2 = £15
1 x "Lambshank Redemption" burger = £8
2 x Chips with rosemary salt = £5.50 x 2 = £11
Total (£) = 39.5 

In my opinion, food,  music and service was excellent. I know where I'm going first next time I'm in London. I'd definitely recommend this place for young adults and young couples and less for a family as it's quite packed, loud and cosy.

I've rated Patty & Bun - London a 5 out of 5!

Have you guys tried Patty & Bun in London? What would you rate it?

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