Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ripe - Organic Farmer's Market!

I went to my first farmer's market visit in Dubai - so exciting! I've been to a couple in Europe during travelling but haven't had a chance to check the ones that are in Dubai. Ripe is an organic farmer's market at Dubai garden center which carries fresh and local produce.

Here's my picture diary to take you along...

Walking in to hear beautiful music by the saxophone player made the mood very much chilled and also fun!

Is there anything honestly better than the smell of freshly baked bread? You definitely know I sampled that rye bread. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm! I always find that bread with a lot more bite and crust has so much more character.

Organic and locally made beef & chicken sausages. 

They also carried a certain type of Australian dried meat called "Biltong" (shown in picture of the drying process). The texture is like beef jerky but the taste is almost like a bresaola that's been dried for much longer. If that makes sense :)

Fresh fish caught from the morning!

Seasonal vegetables and fruits. The beetroot on the right was so colorful and clean that my Dad actually uttered out the word "Beefroot" instead of beetroot when trying to call my attention to it! Haha.

Mini bananas (always just so cute) and assorted fruits and nibbles.

Vibrant green greens!

My Dad and I were so inspired after seeing these that we headed back inside the garden center afterwards and picked up Oregano and Basil seeds. So excited to start growing them!

Local fresh herb pot plants - that fresh mint smell was so enticing!

And a little something sweet to finish off your shopping. Selection included marble cake, crumble cake and brownies!

If you haven't checked out the Ripe farmer's market or any in Dubai for that matter, definitely give it a try. Even if you're not a foodie or into local/organic produce, it's a different experience and there's also a restaurant inside overlooking the garden center. After browsing on the Ripe's website, I am definitely eyeing that zucchini and cheese tart recipe! 

I will be checking out what other farmer's markets Dubai has to offer soon so stay tuned!




  1. What are the prices like?

  2. Prices vary depending on what it is. For example, I found that the herbs and freshly baked goods are either cheaper or similar to normal supermarkets which was awesome. The vegetables were leaning towards higher-end supermarkets' pricing like Spinneys/Waitrose and the seafood was more expensive.

    You have to weigh out the price against the product and whether or not organic and local would be better for what you're buying :)


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